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Horizon now supports Raspberry Pi 3

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Raspberry Pi 2 is still supported, and will continue to be supported into the future while we have participants and developers using Pi 2's.

Advantages of the Pi 3 over the Pi 2

  • Better WiFi connectivity:  Built-in WiFi (one more USB port for sensors / devices)
  • 1200MHz clock speed, up from 900MHz
  • CPU: Coretex A53, from Cortex-A7
  • GPU: 400MHz, up from 250MHz  (both VideoCore IV)
  • RAM: 1GB of 900MHz, up from 1GB 450MHz

source: Trustedreviews.com writeup

All these features aid in Horizon's goal: Push smarter workloads to the edge, enabling the capabilities of modern computing to meld the edge and cloud.  Image processing, audio, and large data stream analytics. 

Magpi's Raspberry Pi 3 Specs and Benchmarks page