Adding Your Power Device


Horizon Beta on Power8 with NVIDIA Pascal GPU

Horizon now supports Power8 Architecture, running on Ubuntu 16.04 and using snaps, a custom "Blue Horizon" snap and Canonical's "core" snap.


                              IBM Power Systems Family


Setting up Your Power8 Hardware to Register on Horizon 

Follow the steps below to prep your Power platform and register.  These pre-configuration setups steps assume that you have physical or SSH access to the server. 

1. Pre-config setup steps

  • Set up IP tables rules
  • Create Blue Horizon config directory
  • Set Device ID
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 ! -s -j DROP
mkdir -p /var/snap/bluehorizon/common/config
echo "$(uname -m)-g-$(hostname)" > !$/device_id


2. Define Blue Horizon configuration

  • cat the following contents into the Blue Horizon config file, like so:
cat <<'EOF' > /var/snap/bluehorizon/common/config/anax.json.tmpl
"Edge": {
"TorrentDir": "${SNAP_COMMON}/torrent",
"APIListen": "",
"DBPath": "${SNAP_COMMON}/",
"GethURL": "",
"DockerEndpoint": "unix:///var/run/docker.sock",
"StaticWebContent": "${SNAP}/web", "PublicKeyPath": "${SNAP_DATA}/anax/mtn-publicKey.pem", "CACertsPath": "${SNAP_DATA}/anax/horizon.pem", "DefaultCPUSet": "0,8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72,80,88", "WorkloadROStorage": "${SNAP_COMMON}/workload_ro", "ExchangeURL": "${CMTN_EXCHANGE_URL}", "PolicyPath": "${SNAP_COMMON}/policy.d/", "ExchangeHeartbeat": 60, "AgreementTimeoutS": 600 }, "AgreementBot": { "DBPath": "${SNAP_COMMON}/agbot/", "GethURL": "", "TxLostDelayTolerationSeconds": 240, "AgreementWorkers": 5, "ProtocolTimeoutS": 60, "AgreementTimeoutS": 600, "PolicyPath": "${SNAP_COMMON}/agbot/policy.d/", "NewContractIntervalS": 15, "ProcessGovernanceIntervalS": 10, "IgnoreContractWithAttribs": "ethereum_account", "ExchangeURL": "${CMTN_EXCHANGE_URL}", "ExchangeHeartbeat": 60, "ActiveDeviceTimeoutS": 180 } } EOF


3. Install Blue Horizon Snap

The Blue Horizon snap is typically automatically installed (on current Raspberry Pi systems). For Power, we'll manually install the snap, which will download and install the 

snap install --devmode --beta bluehorizon


4. Register Services on Horizon

Registration for Horizon Insight microservices is standard across platforms.  However, it's likely the case that the Power server is not accessible on a home network... via port 80...  In that case it is recommended that either:

  • There is physical (keyboard and screen) access to the Power server for registration or:
  • SSH tunneling is set up to access the onboard registration UI.  

Additionally, if the Power server is accessible via port 80, then port 80 should be firewalled to prevent unwanted access.

Continue by following Step 7 here.  Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our developers via our Discourse forum.