After Noisegate 2016...

Device Map

Those that attended NoiseGate 2016, thank you for your participation and feedback at the workshop!

We have updated the beta Horizon software SD Card image and are pleased to release it for device registration on Horizon. Feel free to contact us at the Horizon Discourse Forum with any issues.

For attendees of the 2016 Noisegate NYU Workshop (or any others with a Raspberry Pi 2, USB sound card / Mic), you can follow the instructions below to configure the Pi on your home network.

  1. Visit this link to download the Horizon image to your computer, and unzip it.
  2. Remove the SD Card from your Pi and insert the SD Card into your PC or laptop.  (If necessary, use full-size SD Card adapter you received at the workshop)
  3. On your PC, follow these instructions to flash the Horizon image to your computer, with the correct WiFi settings.
  4. Obtain your Pi's IP address
  5. Visit the Pi's onboard webpage and register on Horizon, choosing the experiments you're interested in.  Your hardware supports GPS, Netspeed, and Citygram applications as-is.  Also try out the developer experience (note that you'll have to choose it exclusively if this is your desire.)