Horizon is built on a blockchain.  Readers may be familiar with the Bitcoin crypto-currency which is also based on a blockchain.

Why Blockchain? 

We selected blockchain as a completely decentralized (peer-to-peer, P2P) tool we could use for discovery of previously unknown parties, and as a basis for trust among previously untrusted parties.  Blockchain technologies:

  • Have no central authority (i.e., they are completely decentralized).
  • Use the consensus of the blockchain miners as the only source of truth.
  • Have a well understood mathematical basis that prevents hacking.
  • Are highly secure, based upon asymmetric (public key) cryptography.
  • Establish a permanent and immutable ledger of all of their activities.

Which Blockchain? 

At the time this project started Ethereum provided the best smart contract platform as well as a much lower transaction execution latency than the Bitcoin blockchain. However, we will continue to evaluate other blockchains as they become viable.