Edge Insights



Horizon: Edge Insights

Insights: Deep understanding derived from analysis of sensory information.  Horizon produces Insight at the edge, the source of the data. By deploying microservices at the edge, Horizon enables analytics and cognitive compute to run where the data is gathered.

Horizon Insights are gained through decentralized, autonomous, edge compute.

Decentralizedno central authority (not to be confused with distributed).  This requires the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies. Horizon's P2P technologies include blockchain, Whisper (Telehash P2P private messaging) and BitTorrent.

The Edge is the last mile.

Autonomous edge compute is required for scale, response time and cost reduction (NoOps). Horizon Edge behavior is fully autonomous and governed by policies and smart-contracts. The data can be streamed from Edge devices or it can be acted upon locally.  The latter is especially important when network connectivity can be interrupted.

Core distinguishing features of Horizon: 

  • Blockchain: Horizon is based on blockchain technology. All state in Horizon is stored on the blockchain (an open, permanent, immutable ledger of all state changes).

  • Decentralization: Horizon is decentralized and based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies.

  • Discovery: Horizon facilitates discovery of previously unknown parties, using device identity information in the blockchain.

  • Trust Establishment: Horizon facilitates trust establishment between previously untrusted parties based only on the existence of a mutually trusted third party (e.g., an escrow service, a device owner, a signing authority).

  • Smart Contracts: Horizon participants may advertise their real-time data or microservices, and/or consume the real-time data or microservices of other participants. Device interactions are fully automated through self-executing Smart Contracts on the blockchain.

  • Security: Horizon delivers cryptographically signed code containers directly to edge devices to be run in constrained sandbox environments.  Edge devices can be IoT "Things", IoT Gateways, or virtual servers in a cloud data center.

  • Open Source: Horizon software is open source. See for code.

Horizon's Structure Extends Cloud Compute to the Edge

Under Horizon, everything is an edge. Microservices (compute workloads) are delivered to Cloud or local edges of various architectures: x86, ARM64, Raspberry Pi's, etc. 

  • Edge: Devices which run Horizon Snaps and Microservices, performing compute and participating in blockchain transactions (Orange objects below) 
  • Agbot: An Edge with Blockchain agreement and device participation authority. Agbots search for devices advertising compute availability, establish blockchain Smart Contracts between devices, and maintain Smart Contract agreements running compute Microservices.
  • Microservices: Compute workloads, run on an edge, which produce or consume data. Microservice outputs include raw data and data Insights
  • Insights: Applications running on Horizon Edges. The output of a Horizon Insight is higher level understandings gleaned from data analysis. Insights may comprise a single Microservice, or multiple Microservices deployed in a pattern. The knowledge gained from an Insight may also be used as input to downstream processes to produce deeper and deeper understanding.