External References

References to Blue Horizon in External Publications:


"BlueHorizon [and other referenced technologies] are crowdsourced architectures that allow to share spectrum information."

Crowdsourcing Spectrum Data Decoding, R. Calvo-Palomino et al., IEEE INFOCOM; May 2017


Open consultation for the Next Generation Initiative (NGI), held from Nov 10, 2016 to Jan 9, 2017.  Blue Horizon identified as key technology in the following key areas:

Technology Area 1: Discovery and Identification of Tools

Technology Area 4: Distributed architectures and decentralised data governance

Final Report: Next-Generation Internet Initiative - Consultation, David Overton, Next Generation Internet; March 2017


"...Blue Horizon, in which a user can generate waterfalls of spectrum activity and listen to an FM radio station in the locality of the sensor"

RadioHound: A Pervasive Sensing Network for Sub-6 GHz Dynamic Spectrum MonitoringKleber, Chisum, Merritt et al., University of Notre Dame; Oct 2016