This page contains some reactions people have had to our work, originally called "Blue Horizon".  If you have something to say about the Horizon project, please join the conversation in our Forum.

"Blue Horizon leaves anybody amazed. Smart contracts, software defined radio, edge computing and big data get combined in a distributed peer-to-peer network that shows the future of industrial cloud solutions that can collect and sell data autonomously."

Maarten Ectors' quote, at the Canonical / Blue Horizon Booth at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017, Barcelona

"Horizon ... is an impressive technology that we believe will have significant impact in leading the area of IoT and dynamic environmental sensing…. [it] will, we believe, be able to deliver fresh paradigms to the marketplace in the next few years."

Dr. Tae Hong Park, PhD (Professor, New York University and founder of Citygram Noise Pollution Project)

"[Blue Horizon]'s extremely exciting; it combines many modern ideas into a consistent edge computing and distributed project. I'm excited about the potential. Over decades, computing has been a Tick-Tock between centralized and decentralized processing. While we're currently in a very cloud-centric world, this technology is setup to handle the next edge-centric Tock: processing and exchanging data with decentralized protocols, at scale."

Loic Minier (Lead Developer, Canonical / Ubuntu Snappy)

"From idea to reality: IoT infrastructure at scale
It's not an embedded project masquerading as IoT. This is what IoT feels like."

Manik Taneja (Product Manager, Ubuntu Core / Ubuntu Snappy)

"Our work with the Blue Horizon project has challenged our thinking on Internet data collection, processing, scale and IoT connectivity."

Kyle York (Chief Strategy Officer, Dyn Inc. Internet Intelligence Company)