RPi Hardware


Horizon Edge Hardware Components

The Raspberry Pi Model 3 and 2 are currently the only officially supported single-board computers (SBCs) for public participation on Horizon.  Raspberry Pi 3 is highly recommended over the Pi 2.


Required Horizon device hardware: Raspberry Pi 3, Power Supply, and SD Card (approx. $50)

* Note that the base Raspberry Pi 3 in the kit above includes both built-in wired and wireless network connectivity. An Internet connection is the only "sensor hardware" required for participation in Horizon.


Optional Experiment-Specific Hardware

Note: CPU Temperature monitoring via the Horizon Quarks Rapid Application Development Environment requires no additional hardware.


Hardware for Shell Access

The Pi system operates without a keyboard and a monitor, but they can be useful for troubleshooting. You can access the Pi's shell using any of the following methods:

  • USB Keyboard and HDMI TV / Monitor -or-
  • USB to TTL Serial Cable, drivers, and another PC -or-
  • Another PC and SSH access