SDR-FM: Speech Analytics with IBM Watson



Our SDR-FM Insight application performs speech-to-text and sentiment analysis on local FM radio stations for every participating device on Horizon.  

You can see the Horizon "SDR" icon in the Horizon Unified Map, here:

You should see something like this: 

Device Map far

On that global map you will see blue and gray dots for each device participating in one of Horizon's experimental Insights.  Blue dots represent devices on Horizon that have recently sent data. Gray dots represent devices that have sent data at some previous time. (Gray dots represent inactive devices which may be permanently shut down, or perhaps are just temporarily severed from their network connections.)  Note also that the top left menu allows you to select only dots that are participating in specific Horizon experiments.  You may also select whether or not to show inactive dots, and whether or not to show live aircraft tracking on the map.

Horizon Device Map

  • Shows devices on Horizon (active and recently active)
    • Blue: Active devices
    • Gray: Devices that have recently become inactive
  • Shows experiments active under contract on devices
    • Hover over a device dot: See the number of contracts running on a device
    • Click on a device dot: Show active experiments running on a device
    • Click on an experiment icon: Go to the experiment page for that device

If you have a device on Horizon then drag and zoom the Google Map to find your blue dot. Select the dot for your device (or any blue dot) and you should see a translucent circle appear around the dot, as shown in the example below.  The blue dot shown below San Jose on the map in this screen capture has been tapped and the translucent selection circle is now showing.

PoC1 Network Speed Test

In the translucent selection circle you will see one or more Insight icons.  In the example above only the Software Defined Radio icon (the radio tower) is showing, indicating that this device is only participating in the SDR Insight applications.

To access SDR-FM data, tap the Software Defined Radio icon and you will be taken to a page similar to the one shown below. 

Click on the FM UI screenshot or the heading link to be taken to the SDR-FM page for that device. 



The SDR-FM Insight application uses IBM's Watson Speech-to-Text and AlchemyLanguage APIs to turn spoken FM radio content into text, and then an aggregate sentiment makeup for stations' recent spoken content.  

The Horizon device scans local FM frequencies using the SDR radio to discover FM stations broadcasting in the area.  Once a station is found, 30-second audio clips are taken, and streamed to IBM Bluemix cloud endpoints for analysis by Watson speech-to-text.  For clips that contain speech (blue boxes above), the audio is transcribed into phrases.  Phrase output can be viewed simply by hovering over the blue boxes.

From Watson speech-to-text, the SDR-FM Insight application then passes data to IBM AlchemyLanguage APIs for sentiment analysis. Results range from positive, to neutral, to negative sentiment.  For prominent words spoken on each station, sentiment is shown in colors ranging from green (positive) to red (negative) for each FM radio station.