Horizon supports Personal Weather Stations (PWS's) streaming data to the Weather Underground.  See Personal Weather Station.  

Why Weather?

Weather is a universal, ubiquitous, phenomenon; weather is all around us; weather is a frontier to be explored, and a big data problem to be tamed. Weather stations have become affordable enough to put in our backyards, and sensor arrays give valuable insight to the big picture.

PWS Setup and Registration

To add a weather station to Horizon:

  1. Set up your PWS according to the manufacturer's directions.
  2. Connect the USB cable on your indoor PWS base station unit to one of your Raspberry Pi's USB ports.
  3. Set up, boot, and register your Raspberry Pi as you normally would, using the setup and registration instructions.

Horizon Supported Stations List

The Horizon team is continually working to add support for weather stations of various types. Currently, Horizon supports only USB-connected stations. Personal weather stations are manufactured to a variety of standards and use various methods of data streaming / publication. Horizon supports a subset of those available.

Stations on the supported list have been tested on Horizon to a limited extent. The supported stations list is a subset of those supported by WeeWX, the Python-based software driver used for this application. Purchasing a PWS on the supported hardware list is recommended but not required. Feel free to consult the Horizon team for recommendations and help us experiment with stations not yet tested.

* Indicates that the device driver has been tested on Horizon, but the particular station model has not been tested. In each case, the Horizon team has tested a similar station in the same PWS driver family. Some PWS drivers span multiple manufacturers.


   AcuRite 1025*

   AcuRite 1035

   AcuRite 1036*

   AcuRite 1525*

   AcuRite 2032*

   AcuRite 2064*


   Aercus WS2083*

   Aercus WS3083*

Ambient Weather 

   Ambient Weather WS1090*

   Ambient Weather WS2080

   Ambient Weather WS2080A

   Ambient Weather WS2090*

   Ambient Weather WS2095*


   Elecsa 6975*   (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

   Elecsa 6976*   (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

Fine Offset

   Fine Offset WH1080*

   Fine Offset WH1081*

   Fine Offset WH1091*

   Fine Offset WH1090*

   Fine Offset WS1080*

   Fine Offset WA2080

   Fine Offset WA2081*

   Fine Offset WH2080*

   Fine Offset WH2081*


  Maplin N96GY*    (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

  Maplin N96FY*     (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

National Geographic

  National Geographic 265*     (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

Oregon Scientific 

  Oregon Scientific WMR88*

  Oregon Scientific WMR88A

  Oregon Scientific WMR100*

  Oregon Scientific WMR100N*

  Oregon Scientific WMR180*

  Oregon Scientific WMR180A*


  Sinometer WS1080 / WS1081*

  Sinometer WS3100 / WS3101*


  Tycon TP1080WC*


  Watson W-8681*       (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

  Watson WX-2008*    (Rebranded Fine Offset Electronics WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080)

Velleman (UK)

  Velleman WS3080*

Questions, Troubleshooting

If you have any difficulties with weather station or device setup, please contact the Horizon community for help by clicking on the Forum tab at the top of this page.  You can also report Horizon bugs in the forum.