What Will Horizon Do On Your Device?


The image you install on your Raspberry Pi contains:

  • Ubuntu Linux (16.04)
  • Docker
  • Horizon Control System

When Horizon boots up, it will:

  • Get some device registration information from you, and register your device with Horizon.
  • Enter into contract agreements with the Horizon AgBots (formerly called Governors).
  • Download Horizon Insights: signed Docker containers as agreed under contracts:
    • For example, if you checked the SDR box on the registration page, Horizon will download:
      • A privileged container that gets data from the SDR
      • A container that processes the SDR data (radio fequencies and aircraft signals) and sends it to the Horizon SDR UI in the cloud.
    • If you checked the NetSpeed box on the registration page, Horizon will download:
      • A container that will periodically test the upload/download network speeds of your internet connection and send the information to the Horizon NetSpeed UI in the cloud.
    • Horizon will always download a daemon that sends the data of the above containers to the Insight application UIs in the cloud.

What will Horizon NOT DO:

  • Spy on you.  You select which data gets sent as part of the Horizon Insights experiments.