Citygram-IBM Noisescapes Workshop & Hackathon September 24, 2016


Blue Horizon is excited to announce support for Noisesgate Festival 2016, in partnership with NYU's Citygram project!  Blue Horizon will be on site at NYU for a workshop and hackathon on Sunday, Sept 25th at NYU.  

Noisegate 2016 Festival Overview

NYU's Citygram Project is achieving groundbreaking work, exploring sound all around us. A completely data-driven effort, Citygram's compelling work is crafting the future of understanding our "soundscapes" on a world scale. Fostering spatial sound characterization and urban noise pollution is a forward-looking example of how edge computing will change our world. With Blue Horizon and Citygram, anyone can join our efforts using simple web browsers and/or dedicated low-cost devices such as Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

Noisegate 2016 Festival Event Schedule (Days 1-5)


Noisegate Day 5: Workshop and Hackathon at NYU

Date: Sunday, Sept 25 - 1:00pm - 6:15pm

Location:  NYU Campus at Washington Park

Dept. of Music & Performing Arts Professions (6th Floor Conference Room)
New York University
35 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012

Workshop Details:

NYU is hosting a free on-campus workshop / hackathon, open to 40 participants of basic to advanced computer skill level. 

Whether you're an expert maker, artist, or simply interested in learning how easy it is to get up and running, please join the 2016 NoiseGate Festival and the Workshop/Hackathon by signing up and bringing your laptop / notebook computer.  We will provide the rest! 

Workshop ends at 6pm, in time for the NYU Noisegate Concert at 7:30pm.  All are invited to stay and listen.


None required. We will be using and introducing our own software as well third party apps including Supercollider, for mapping data to sound.  If you'd like to get a head start, study up on sound processing and science software: Supercollider, and Matlab.

Required Hardware: 

The workshop will provide access to NYU's Citygram's API to enable sound data streaming from sensor nodes in areas such as  the NYU campus.  We'll have Raspberry Pi's "nodes" available with onboard audio capture equipment streaming sound data and a limited number of Pi's will be free to take home for participants!

For Additional Information and up-to-date announcements, see our Noisegate 2016 Facebook Event Page 


After Noisegate....

If you took home a Raspberry Pi 2 from the Noisegate workshop, visit this link to set up the Pi on your home network.  Any questions, feel free to contact us via the discourse forum, or Dr. Tae Hong at NYU directly.


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