Frequently Asked Questions


Who developed Horizon?

Horizon is an open source project, open-horizon at, developed by the following contributors.


What's the difference between "Horizon" and "Blue Horizon"?

Horizon is the fundamental technology under development: decentralized autonomous edge compute.  

"Blue Horizon" is an instance of open-horizon, plus additional infrastructure built to demonstrate Horizon's capabilities. Blue Horizon applications (called "Insights") stream weather data, audio, pollution, network, and other data peer-to-peer, to local and cloud endpoints. When you participate in Blue Horizon, your device runs open-horizon, downloads Blue Horizon workloads, and communicates with Blue Horizon machines.


How can I get answers to my questions?

You can post any questions/problems you have on our Horizon Forum.  The development team monitors that forum.

How can I report a bug I've found in Horizon? 

Please report any bugs you find in the Horizon Forum.


How can I participate in Horizon? 

You can add your Raspberry Pi device to Horizon and see its data on the Insight Applications.  You can also answer questions on the Horizon Forum and report bugs in the Horizon Forum.  Once Horizon is open source, you will be able to contribute code to it to make it better.


What is a Horizon Insight, and how can I try out the example apps? 

We have built a few experimental "Insight" applications on top of the Horizon infrastructure.  These applications consist of 4 parts:

You can find out how to view the current Horizon Insights on our Insights page.


What core technologies is Horizon based upon? 

Horizon is based upon these core technologies.


How do unknown parties discover each other on Horizon? 

Previously unknown and untrusted parties can discover each other through the blockchain.


How do untrusted parties negotiate and execute contracts for data and services on Horizon? 

Previously untrusted parties can securely enter into agreements with each other using smart contracts.


How does code get run locally on a Horizon edge device to consume data or services? 

As a result of an agreement between a governor and device code is loaded on a device in the form of a Docker container.  Additional mechanisms for loading code on the devices are being explored.